Call for Submissions: Oranges and Bananas

The Taste of Each: Oranges and Bananas

is a multi-media digital anthology edited by

Bonnie Wai-Lee Kwong

. The collection aims to be global in scope and presentation. Viewers will be able to click on individual countries in a 3D, scrollable, online globe to access works by poets, writers, artists, and musicians on a common motif: oranges and bananas. The goal is to showcase without judgment the breadth of contexts, concrete and abstract, in which these household fruits appear, and note the effects of these works on one another when placed together in a curated space of digital proximity.

To submit to this anthology, email

Bonnie Wai-Lee Kwong

at sibilant dot threads at gmail. We are soliciting works in various forms, including poetry, prose, music, and art. Oranges and bananas should appear in the work and carry some significance, though they need not be central to it. Featured fruits can include relatives such as citrons, mikan, plantains, etc.